How to preserve furniture in storage

Whether you’re downsizing, moving abroad for a while or you’ve inherited some furniture you don’t currently have room for, keeping your belongings in a household storage unit is an easy solution. But before you move everything in, there are few things to consider when it comes to preparing your furniture for storage. All our units are humidity-controlled, so you don’t need to worry about dampness, but there’s plenty you can do to ensure your furniture stays in its best condition while you store it. Keep reading for our top tips on how to store furniture.

Dissemble whatever you can

Taking your furniture apart will not only make it easier to clean, but it’ll also speed up the whole transportation process, as each individual part will be easier to lift. You can go further than simply removing the drawers from dressers too; we recommend physically dissembling any furniture you can. By reducing flatpack pieces back to their original state, unscrewing sofa legs and removing slats from beds or chairs, you are making it easier to transport and store these items.

Organisation is key during this process – be sure to keep all parts together in Ziploc bags or boxes, and clearly label the smaller fixings like screws and nails according to which piece of furniture they came from.

Make sure it’s as clean as possible

Cleaning your furniture before you put it into storage is a crucial step, as it can prevent mildew from accumulating. This process is bound to look slightly different according to what kind of furniture you’re storing, but the first step should always be dusting or hoovering or each item.

After that, the products you need will vary slightly. While fabric pieces like sofas or armchairs can be treated with upholstery cleaner, you might use a gentle soap on wooden furniture – choosing a mild product will preserve the existing varnish on these items. Metal or glass furniture can be cleaned with polish and a soft cloth, but if you want to take extra precautions against tarnishing, you might also consider targeting rust spots on metal furniture with a metal primer.

Wrap your furniture

However long you intend to store your furniture for, it’s important to wrap it up safely; this will protect it from damage which could occur in transit, as well as exposure to everyday elements.

Bubble wrap is ideal for cushioning metal and glass furniture, but it’s worth avoiding any form of plastic wrapping on fabric furniture, as this won’t allow the material to breathe, and can breed condensation or mould. Instead, encase your cloth furniture in dust sheets or special furniture covers – this is the safest option for wrapping wood furniture too. Running low on packing supplies? Your local Space Station branch is kitted out with an on-site shop that stocks all the essentials, including boxes, dust covers, tape and more.

Efficiently pack your furniture

Wherever you’re planning to store your furniture, arranging it efficiently can save space and money.

Organise your furniture with ease of access in mind, so there’s a clear path to the larger pieces, and leave some space between items to make room for airflow. Try not to tightly cram bits of furniture in together, as this is can cause damage when you’re unpacking it later down the line. If you can’t get out to a storage base, Space Station offers a free removals service, where our expertly trained staff will come and collect your belongings, and pack your storage unit for you.

Double check everything

This is as much for peace of mind as it is for the welfare of your furniture! Do an inventory of your furniture to make sure everything is present and accounted for, and ensure that every piece is carefully wrapped, with no surfaces left exposed to the air.

If you’ve stacked some items vertically to save space, double check that these pieces are in a stable pile, and won’t be easily toppled. Finally, it’s also worth scanning the area for anything perishable, as leaving food or food waste near your furniture while it’s stored can encourage mould and even mice.

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