The essential moving house checklist

It may seem like there’s a never-ending list of things to do when you’re moving house, but breaking everything down into manageable chunks and spreading each task over a few weeks can make a world of difference.

Timing, and doing things in the right order, helps lots too. Discovering a load of junk in the loft the day before you move is a sure-fire way to put you off schedule!

That’s why our expert storage team have devised the essential moving house checklist, guiding you on what you need to do, and when to do it, to ensure your move is as organised and as stress-free as possible.

If you do suddenly find lots of clutter and can’t make sense of it before moving into your new home, you don’t need to worry. Our bespoke moving house storage plans are CCTV-secure, providing the safe space you need until you’re ready to place your stuff into your new abode.

Two months to move day

At this point, you’ve probably had your offer accepted and you’re busy arranging legal bits and conveyancing. Getting a completion date confirmed, even a provisional one, will help give you a timeframe to work your moving house checklist around.

With two months until you move, there’s no need to do too much just yet, but it’s a good time to start your preparations. So, gradually getting rid of junk should be your priority here, as it will make packing-up a smoother process in the weeks ahead:

  • Start a notebook, from which you can keep track of all your important dates, reference numbers, and anything you’ve agreed with your sellers, buyers, and agents
  • Book a day or two off work before, during and after your expected move date
  • Start de-cluttering – is there anything you can throw away, recycle or give to charity?
  • If you’ve got valuables covered by your home insurance, check if they’ll still be covered during your move
  • List all your large and bulky items like beds, mattresses, and living room furniture. Are they all coming with you? If not, they can either be sold or go into storage
  • If you’re renting, inform your landlord you’re moving

Six weeks to move day

While it may still feel far away, your house move will come around sooner than you think! Although this stage of your moving home checklist is mainly about paperwork, you can start preparing to move and pack away anything that’s non-essential:

  • Either order, or start collecting, cardboard boxes and packing materials
  • Get quotes from removal companies, or see if we are within the catchment area of your home, as Space Station provide a free removals service
  • Let your utility companies and home insurers know about your moving date. Again, check to make sure your insurance will be in place when you arrive
  • Decide which fixtures and fittings you’re leaving behind and write them down. Don’t forget about them, or else your buyer might not be happy!
  • If you’re purchasing new carpets, furniture, or white goods for your new place, this is a good time to order them

Three to four weeks before move day

By this point, you should mostly have the things you’re taking with you left in your home. You should also have your completion date confirmed now, which you can add to your moving house checklist to help you keep on track.

Take this time to check other areas for belongings you may wish to take to your new house, such as in the garden, and arrange transport or a place to stay:

  • Clear out your loft, shed and garage. Like when de-cluttering previously, give to charity or recycle where possible
  • Book hotel accommodation if it’s needed during your move
  • Arrange cleaners to come in and give your house a deep-clean after you leave
  • Sort out childcare and transportation for pets
  • Arrange for professional disconnection and reconnection of your kitchen appliances

Two weeks to move day

The big day is fast approaching! Now it’s time to really start packing – the more you can get done now, the better.

Continue consulting your moving house checklist to ensure you’ve confirmed the dates with your removals company, and everyone else who needs to know about your move:

  • Dismantle your non-essential furniture and store it away
  • Start using up the food you’ve got in your fridge, freezer, and cupboards
  • Pack away as much as you can into boxes, labelled by rooms
  • Register for council tax at your new address
  • Let your bank, the TV licence service, the DVLA, and any other authorities know about your move date
  • Contact Royal Mail and have any letters or post redirected to your new address

One week to move day

With just a week to go, your packing should be nearly done, and all your paperwork in order. Now it’s time to focus on getting anything else packed, and if you don’t need it now, box it, recycle it or give it away!

  • Pack away important documents, such as passports, house deeds and insurance documentation, somewhere safe and easy to find
  • Dismantle and pack away any remaining furniture
  • Dismantle sheds and greenhouses if you’re not leaving them behind
  • Defrost your freezer
  • Wash, dry and pack all your remaining clothing
  • Start cleaning your rooms thoroughly
  • Drain fuel from any lawnmowers or motorbikes
  • Cancel local deliveries, like your newspapers
  • Safely dispose of any paints or hazardous chemicals you won’t be taking with you at appropriate disposal points

One day before move day

You may have a few nerves today and tomorrow – that’s why it’s really important to use your last night to read through your moving house checklist in detail and double-check everything is as it should be. Most important though, make sure you get a good night’s sleep!

  • Make an essentials box including tea, coffee, milk, snacks, tools, and cleaning equipment. Label it clearly and take it separately from your other items
  • Prepare any plants for transit
  • Disconnect any light fittings you’re taking with you
  • Check your fixtures and fittings list again – are you leaving behind everything you said you would?
  • Do any final cleaning checks

On moving day

Moving day is never easy, but if you’ve done everything right and followed our moving house checklist, there shouldn’t be many, if any, hiccups during the day. It doesn’t hurt to check times with your removal company first thing in the morning, and don’t be afraid to tell them how you want everything to be loaded and unloaded:

  • Strip your bedding
  • Take down your curtains
  • Check all the windows and doors are locked and secure
  • Take final meter readings for water, electrics, and gas (take a photo with your phone)
  • Leave keys with your estate agent and collect your new keys
  • Guide the removals company where to put boxes in your new house
  • Check the boiler and hot water are working
  • Move in and enjoy your new home!

Having this detailed moving house checklist efficiently organises the entire process, from start to finish. Once you’re moved in, our spring cleaning checklist details every way you can clean and maintain your new home so it’s always looking its best.