Space Station – 7 bike storage solutions

Cycling regularly provides you with an abundance of health benefits, from strengthening your heart muscles to reducing blood fat levels. However, when it comes to storing bikes, it can be difficult to know where to start – especially if you have an entire family of bike enthusiasts. In this guide, we’ll reveal our go-to bike storage solutions, as well as other indoor bike storage ideas.

Stylish interior of modern hall with shoes on stand and bicycle


Whether you have a big country garden or need to be savvy with space in the city, there’s plenty of ways to store Here are a few outdoor storage ideas you can try:

Storage shed

Storage sheds are popular amongst UK homeowners, with AOL found that two thirds (62%) of UK homeowners owning a shed, they offer a safe and secure alternative for those who don’t have the luxury of a garage. Storage sheds are space efficient too, meaning they don’t take up too much room in your garden or patio. What’s more, if you’re a DIY enthusiast, you could even have a go at creating your own storage shed so it’s perfectly designed for bike storage.

Bike tent or cover

Cost-effective, simple, and practical – a bike tent or cover ensures your bike collection is well-protected from the elements. That also means your bike will be safe from any unwanted rusting that can often occur when exposed to water.

It’s worth remembering that most bike covers don’t usually come with additional security precautions, like locks. So, to avoid leaving your bike vulnerable, you should think about purchasing a ground anchor to secure it.

Bike racks

Despite often being found in busy town centres or cities, bike racks can also be used domestically too. What makes a bike rack so useful is that they can accommodate all tyre types, making it suitable for the different bikes you may have in your family, from kids to adults.


The garage seems like the logical place to store your family’s bike collection, but if your car, tools, and other bits and pieces are in there, it can easily become cluttered. Here are a few suggestions to avoid this scenario:

Ceiling bike storage

If there’s not much room on your garage floor, you could attach your bike to the ceiling. There’s a couple of devices for you to choose from, either a pulley system or a rack. Conveniently, these can hold up to six bikes, making this perfect for a large family of bike lovers.

Shelf and hooks

Alternatively, a cheaper option would be to purchase some bike hooks. This works by hanging one of your bike’s tyre over a hook, where it will remain and hang securely in place. Hooks are an affordable way to organise your bike collection without taking too much space.

Indoor bike storage

For cyclists who live in an apartment block or flat, who don’t have outdoor space, these helpful indoor bike storage methods may be worth considering:

Wall-mounted bike storage

Wall-mounted bike racks makes excellent use of any free wall space. This particular type of storage is designed to support the front and rear tyre of your bike, meaning you can easily lift your bike, and effortlessly slot it into place. They’re effective, out of the way, and a great way to be economical with the space you have.

Get decorative

If your bike is going to be inside your home, why not try make them look aesthetically pleasing? Instead of regarding your bike as unwanted clutter, make it a part of your home’s decor. After all, your bike is a work of art, so you can even hang it on your wall like you would a painting or even transform a bike rack into a shelf.

At Space Station, we have a range of safe and secure storage units that are perfect for your family’s selection of bikes. With 24hr CCTV around the clock, as well as our friendly on-site staff who are more than happy to give you a helping hand whenever you need it. We’re the bike storage solution you can always trust.