How to store a wedding dress

The big day is over, you’re back from your honeymoon and you’ve finally opened all your gifts. Now it’s time to decide what you’re going to do with your wedding dress.

If you want to keep your marital gown and haven’t got space to store it at home, putting your nuptial dress into long-term storage is an effective solution. Before you do this though, there’s several factors you need to consider so your gown doesn’t get damaged.

Our experts are here to share detailed steps on how to store your wedding dress and make sure it’s fully preserved inside your storage unit. If you’re feeling slightly wary about the safety of your dress once in long-term storage, you don’t need to worry. Take a look at our bespoke storage insurance options, which’ll give you added peace of mind.

Preserving your wedding dress for storage

The first thing you must do before you put your gown into storage is have it cleaned. While your dress may look flawless, stains and marks can appear over time, making them harder to remove.

As many bridal dresses feature delicate fabrics and embellishments, getting your outfit cleaned by a specialist dry cleaner is often the best option. They’ll use appropriate cleaning solutions that won’t harm your gown and certain dry cleaners can also pack it for you, so it’s ready for storage.

If you’re feeling confident, you can clean your dress yourself. However, make sure you do the following:

  • Use a delicate detergent on the hem, and spot test the fabric first
  • Check every layer of the fabric for marks, as some may not be visible on the surface
  • Remove any stains using small soft-bristled brushes
  • Ensure that your dress is completely dry before putting it into storage

What to avoid when storing your wedding dress

More than anything else, the most important thing to remember when you put your wedding gown into storage is that it shouldn’t be stored in a plastic bag or hung up with a hanger.

Hanging your dress will affect its shape, as it puts unnecessary stress on the seams of the fabric. Plastic covers can let light in that fades the material of your gown. Plus, plastic covers don’t allow for changes in humidity, which in extreme cases can cause mould.

Another tip is to make sure to wear white cotton gloves as much as you can when handling your dress and getting it ready for storage. Gloves will help you stop the natural oil that’s held within your skin getting onto your marital outfit, possibly causing stains to form over time.

The best way to store your wedding dress

So now we’ve discussed what not to do, here’s all the things you should do when you put your wedding gown into a storage unit.

1. Find an airtight box

Firstly, get an airtight cardboard box to store it in. You can’t use a standard cardboard box because the acid within the cardboard can discolour, age, and damage your dress. A pH neutral box made from heavy board with a fitted lid and no gaps is the best option.

2. Carefully fold your dress

Folding your dress slowly and gently into the box will make sure it doesn’t get damaged. Before beginning to fold it though, fasten any buttons, zips, or clips, as these will maintain the shape of your dress.

As you fold your dress into layers, separate each layer of fabric with acid-free tissue paper, which will help prevent snags and damage to the layers of fabric. Never use colour paper when storing your dress, because the dye the paper holds can discolour your gown.

3. Wrap your wedding dress in muslin

After you’ve fully folded your dress, cover it in layers of unbleached muslin. Like the tissue paper, this helps your whole dress avoid getting damaged in storage.

4. Place your gown in the box

Lastly, slowly, and carefully place your dress into the box and seal the lid. It’s a good idea to add silica desiccant packets into the box to help control moisture levels. After this, you’re all set to store your wedding dress into your storage unit.

Should I check my wedding dress when it’s in storage?

It’s advised that you check your marital gown once a year, or every two years. You can then see if the tissue-paper needs replacing or, as you do when you store your clothes long-term, whether the temperature of your storage unit needs adjusting, to keep your gown in pristine condition.

Storing your wedding dress inside a cardboard box is a wonderful way to reuse them for the better. If you’ve got lots of cardboard cubes gathering dust, there’s plenty of other creative ways to use cardboard boxes that can benefit everyone around your home.