14 creative cardboard box uses

It seems everywhere we go, we’re surrounded by cardboard boxes. From receiving online orders in cardboard packages, to getting electrical appliances in large cardboard cubes, this ever present material is one of the most versatile and useful around.

If you’ve accumulated a large collection of cardboard boxes, you could create your own cardboard fort inside your living room. That’s not all though, as we’re here to share 14 creative cardboard box uses, allowing them to be upcycled for everyday use and help save the environment as much as possible.

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1. Pet beds

Pets can’t get enough of cardboard boxes. They’ll happily play, relax, and sleep in cardboard cubes, regardless of if they can comfortably fit in them or not. If you’re looking for things to make out of cardboard boxes, why not repurpose them into a cute pet bed, complete with a roof and lights.

2. Plant pots

Ideas for cardboard boxes can be sustainable as well as fun. Rather than buying plastic plant pots, why not upcycle a cardboard box by turning it into a holder for your herbs or house plants. Plus, because cardboard is absorbent, it can help certain plants like cress stay nourished for longer with water.

3. Dollhouse

If you’re feeling crafty, why not repurpose cardboard boxes into a dollhouse. You can add in wallpaper, furniture, along with cutting out a front door and windows for an extra special touch.

4. Photo frames

Photo frames can sometimes be quite expensive, so instead of buying a brand new frame, turning parts of a cardboard box into a photo frame is a great alternative. Fill your house with different patterns, colours, and shapes that’ll make all your friends envious.

5. Tin holders

Turn the cardboard boxes you get your food in, into food holders themselves. Just cut out the shape you need, then start filling your cardboard tin holders on your kitchen worktops.

6. Cardboard guitar

The beauty of music is that it can be created from anything, including cardboard boxes. If it’s a rainy day and the children can’t go outside, turn a couple of cardboard boxes into guitars, and let them strum along to their favourite songs.

7. Drawer organisers and separators

For some people, keeping desk drawers tidy is easier said than done. But by repurposing cardboard boxes into custom drawer separators and organisers, you can finally bring order to your stationery and paperwork.

8. Mobile phone holder

If you regularly stream series on your phone or prefer to use your device hands-free, a mobile phone holder is a cool thing you can make out of cardboard boxes. You can be straightforward and practical or be creative with unique designs and decorations.

9. Book holder

When you need extra storage for your books, upcycling a couple of cardboard boxes and turning them into a book holder is an excellent solution. You can create stackable holders, as well as stack boxes on top of each other to make shelves too.

10. Wash basket

If you’ve got a cardboard box lying around, you don’t need to worry where to put your clothes when they come out of the wash. Making a wash basket from a cardboard box is a great idea because they’re light and durable for carrying around your home.

11. Cardboard box car

When you’ve got a couple of really big cardboard boxes, craft your kids a play-in car, so they can imagine driving in the fast lane. As an extra touch, stick a bit of rope to the front of the car, so you can pull your children around the house as they steer the way.

12. Shoe holder

Ways of how you can store your shoe collection are never-ending, especially if you continue buying trainers, boots, and heels. One of the things you can make out of cardboard boxes are shoe storage and display holders.

The bonus is that because shoes come in cardboard boxes to begin with, you don’t need to hunt around for suitable sized cardboard cubes to use.

13. Cardboard box Christmas tree

Finding a Christmas tree can be really difficult during the build up to December25th. So, rather than hunting for the perfect fur tree, upcycle cardboard boxes into a sustainable seasonal decoration you can easily put up and store away every year.

14. Cardboard box furniture

We’ve all sat on cardboard cubes when there hasn’t been a chair to sit on, or ironically, waiting for new sofas to be delivered. Why not bring out your inner interior designer and use cardboard boxes to create nifty furniture instead.

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