10 creative and long-term book storage ideas

Nearly everyone has books of some kind or another. Whether they are a few of the kids’ favourite story books, or a vast collection of hardback novels, books can take up quite a bit of space around your home.

While traditional bookshelves are great, there are plenty of other creative ways to store your books, which can also help them become a long-term feature of your home. To help you get some inspiration, we’ve compiled a list of creative book shelving ideas that are sure to transform your home.

And if you still struggling to find space for all your books, check out our short and long term storage options, which can be tailored to your own needs.

1. Under a staircase

In keeping with Harry Potter living under the Dursley family staircase, putting books under the stairs is a convenient storage location. This also protects them from sunlight damage, helping preserve them long-term. If you have a variety of book types, why not organise them so that the children’s books are on the lower shelves, and the adult books are on the higher shelves.

2. A faux fireplace

Depending on how old your house is, several rooms may have had fireplaces in them. A creative book storage idea is to use the space within the old fireplace to store some of your favourite books. Also, as the hole for the fireplace is within the wall itself, it doesn’t take up any additional floor space, making it a fantastic long-term solution too.

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3. Small shelfless stacks

Rather than buying furniture to fit a space for your books, let your books be the furniture. By storing books in small vertical stacks, you can organise your book collection, but give it a more relaxed feel. In the long term, the good thing about small stacks of books is that as you read them, the piles will go down, meaning you can either free up your space, or get more books to add to the piles.

4. Ladder bookshelves

Due to their varying sizes and heights, ladders are versatile storage units to have around your home. Taking a ladder and then repurposing it as a series of bookshelves, is a clever long term storage solution. Because of their shape, ladders draw your eyes upwards, helping a room seem a lot larger than it is.

5. Under the bed

Many of us like to read at night to help us fall asleep. So, by storing your books underneath your bed, you can combine your love of reading into your night-time routine. Much like placing books inside your faux fireplace, putting books under your bed doesn’t take up any additional floor space, which is a bonus too.

6. Upcycle wooden crates

Instead of buying storage boxes for your books, get creative and upcycle some wooden creates instead. You can paint them however you like and make them whatever size you need. As wooden crates are versatile, you can choose to pile them up to make shelves or leave them separate, allowing you to move them around your home with ease.

7. Add books to a display cabinet

Like with your favourite ornaments, be proud to show off your favourite books inside a display cabinet. Not only is this clever book storage, but it can also be a fun conversation starter too, sharing some of your most enjoyable reads with friends and family.

8. A hallway library

Because of their length and size, hallways can double up beautifully as makeshift libraries. Having fitted bookshelves throughout your hall transforms them into a functional space, as well as a handy storage solution for all your novels, biographies, and comic books.

9. Floating shelves

If you are thinking it is time to get some fresh wall art, instead of getting paintings, fit some floating shelves instead. Let your imagination guide you as your floating bookshelves can go wherever you like; you can set the measurements and free up any floor space too.

10.Book baskets

Similar to using wooden crates to store your mini-library, baskets are another way to keep your books safe in the long term. Able to be easily moved between rooms, and coming in all sorts of shapes, baskets are ideal for storing children’s books. Plus, if you put the book basket in the little one’s room, it’s a fun way to introduce tidying their own books away.

There’s plenty of creative ways to store books, which also helps to keep them safe in the long term. Along with books, find out some clever tips on how you can save plenty of space when storing your clothes away too.