11 clever shoe storage ideas

If you are fanatical about high heels or need space for your family’s range of trainers, effective shoe storage can drastically transform your home.

No longer tripping you up in the hallway or taking up vital space in your bedroom, our guide puts the spotlight on 11 clever shoe storage solutions you can implement around your house.

But if after making additional space you find that you still need more shoe storage, have a look at our personal storage plans, which can help you find an ideal plan for your needs.

1. An ottoman

A comfortable footrest on the outside with an effective storage space on the inside, an ottoman is a creative shoe storage idea that is extremely versatile. From slippers and trainers to even your favourite everyday heels, storing your shoes in an ottoman keeps them organised, without disrupting the layout of your room.

2. Under the bed storage

In much the same way as storing books under your bed, storing shoes under your bed is a fantastic way to free up space. If you are a person with a large shoe collection, your more ‘special’ pairs can be kept safe under the bed, while shoes you frequently wear can stay out. Plus, if you put your shoes into bags or boxes, you can keep them clean from dust too.

3. Corner shelves for shoes

Often we have unused corners in our homes which are full of free space. Rather than keeping these empty, why not consider fitting corner shelves, as they are brilliant places to store your shoes. They also allow your shoe collection to be on show, making them a fun feature attraction too.

4. Behind a door

Increasing your floor space and coupling as an effective hiding space, storing your shoes behind a door is a clever solution, especially if you are tight on space. Feeling confident? You can also build and fit some DIY shelves of your own. Otherwise, there’s plenty of ready to buy shoe storage options that fit onto your doors.

5. Baskets for shoes

If you have a hectic family life or are comfortable with things being a bit more haphazard, putting your shoes into baskets is a fast and effortless way to keep them tidy. Due to their size and design, they can be stored effectively under tables or in the corners of rooms, and quickly moved to make even more space. If you have children, baskets can be fun to personalise too.

6. Upcycle wooden crates

For the DIY enthusiasts, upscaling materials into furniture is a creative way to increase storage space. Upcycling wooden crates into shoe storage makes them a versatile talking point in your home. It is also effective if you can find different sized wooden crates too, as the alternating sizes can produce creative and unique layouts.

7. Hanging in your wardrobe

You take time organising your clothes in your wardrobe, so why not organise your shoes here too? If you have spare room on the clothes rail in your closet, hanging your shoes on it increases floor space, and keeps them clean and tidy too.

8. On top of your wardrobe

Keeping on the theme of your wardrobe, another clever idea is putting your shoes on top of your closet. As the gap between the top of your wardrobe and the ceiling can be quite small, items like shoes are perfect to store on top of them.

While you can put your shoes straight on top of your wardrobe, if you are concerned they may get dusty, put them in their original boxes and stick a photo on the side of the box, so you can easily see which shoes are which.

9. PVC pipe storage

It may sound strange, but PVC pipes are excellent for storing all kinds of things, with shoes being a particular favourite. Covering all different lengths and sizes, get your DIY hat on and build your own pipe shoe storage units.

10. Ladder shelves

Rather than walking up the runs of a ladder, cleverly store your shoes along the runs instead. Due to their narrow width and tall height, ladder shelves are a clever shoe storage solution for small spaces. Ladders also have the advantage of creating an illusion within rooms, making them appear bigger and taller than they are.

11. Inside a display cabinet

If you have a particular pair of heels you are proud of, or collect limited edition pairs of trainers, putting them in a display cabinet is a clever storage solution. Being on display means they will be less likely to get dusty, but be careful, as your shoe collection may make your friends jealous!

From straightforward methods to more creative ideas, there’s plenty of shoe storage solutions that can help make extra space around your home. For those people who are keen cyclists, knowing effective ways to store your bike can help you regain floor space you never knew you had.