10 fun LEGO® storage ideas

LEGO® is loved by people all over the world. From small LEGO® bricks do big models grow, and much like books and shoes, what may start out as a few favourite sets can rapidly grow into a huge collection, limiting the amount of space within your home.

That’s why we’re here to share 10 LEGO® storage ideas that’ll create extra space, keep your LEGO® bricks in excellent condition and allow you to present your LEGO® creations with pride.

If you choose to put your LEGO® collection into long-term or short-term storage, you can order some of our packing supplies to ensure all your LEGO® sets are safely packed up while they’re stored by us.

1. LEGO® storage buckets

Buckets are an effective idea for storing your LEGO®. Because of their handles, buckets are great for easily moving your LEGO® bricks from room to room; you can even label each bucket to organise them for holding certain colours or types of LEGO® bricks too.

2. Clear LEGO® drawers

Much like drawers for your other household items, putting LEGO® into clear drawers is one of the best storage solutions. Not only do they keep your pieces secure, but whenever you’re looking for particular LEGO® bricks to complete your latest creation, you can find them in a flash.

3. Storage bags

The beauty of bags is that they’re so versatile, meaning they can store a multitude of items. When you’re feeling like a change with your collection, put your pieces into a handy storage bag, so you can put them back together really quickly. Also, if you’re off on holiday, why not put some LEGO® bricks into a storage bag to help pass the time?

4. Freestanding shelves

If you’ve got a passion for DIY as well as creating LEGO® sets, freestanding shelves are a brilliant shelving idea for your LEGO®. They let you proudly display your completed models for all to see, without taking up any precious floor space.

5. A LEGO® toolbox

LEGO® is known for being the ultimate construction toy, so it only makes sense that a toolbox is a great storage solution for your pieces. Similar to buckets, a toolbox makes it much easier to move your bricks from room to room thanks to the handle, but with the added benefit of being able to effectively organise your LEGO® however you like.

6. Display cases

One of the beauties of LEGO® is that because certain pieces are so small, they can be stored and displayed in small spaces. If you’ve got favourite LEGO® figures you’d like to have out for everyone to see, a display case is a clever and minimal LEGO® shelving idea.

7. Ottomans

P: Ottomans are great for storing anything, including LEGO®. They are one of the best LEGO® storage solutions because they meld naturally into your living room, whilst also being easy to carry around the house. If you’re feeling creative, attach a LEGO® base on the top of the lid for a makeshift play area.

8. Over-the-door shoe organisers

If your kids have a small bedroom that’s short on space, shoe organisers are one of the best ways to store their LEGO®. They can separate their pieces into colour, shape or size for ease when playing, and can easily put them back again when they’ve finished.

9. Under-bed storage

The space under a bed is brilliant for storing LEGO®. You can create a roll-out play organiser with dividers to separate the LEGO® pieces with ease.

10. A LEGO® play table

With drawers underneath to keep your pieces organised, a base to put the bricks on and space to show off your creations, a LEGO® play table is the ultimate LEGO® storage idea for fans young and old.

Having effective storage for your LEGO® makes an enormous difference to the tidiness of your home. Organising your LEGO® ensures you, your family or the people you live with can exist in harmony, rather than sharing negativity from the struggle to make space around your house.