Parents reveal the WEIRDEST places to hide your kids Christmas presents

With 92% of Brits celebrating Christmas last year , the festive period is an important time for parents as they strive to keep the magic alive for their children. We surveyed UK parents to find the weirdest places they use to hide their children’s Christmas presents, with one in 14 admitting to using the freezer as a hiding spot.  

To help give you inspiration, Vlatka Lake, our storage expert shares her top eight Christmas hiding places.

Christmas present hiding

Number one: Kitchen cupboards

“Kitchen cupboards are a perfect hiding spot for families with small children who are unable to reach those high cupboards. Wrap your presents and hide them at the back of the shelf to keep prying eyes away.”

Number two: In a suitcase

“Most homes will have a suitcase lying around for the holidays, so why not use them for storing presents while they’re not in use. Add your Christmas presents along with any holiday essentials that will deter your little ones.”

Number three: Storage unit

“For those with a lack of space at home, or those that have presents too large to store at home, try using a short-term storage-unit to help house those special Christmas gifts, without the worry of the gift receivers seeing them.”

Number four: Bookcase

“Bookcases are a great place to hide presents that are slightly smaller. As most are filled with books and ornaments, it’s a great spot for hiding smaller gifts. Use the highest shelves of the bookcase to keep gifts out of reach, just don’t forget where you’ve left them.”

Number five: Freezer

“The one in 14 parents we surveyed who like to use a freezer as a hiding place have the right idea the appliance is a handy spot, especially if you have a chest freezer that has ample space for excess storage. Be mindful what items you leave in the freezer, try to avoid any food and drink items.”

Number six: Under the stairs

“The space under the stairs can often be cluttered with shoes, coats and cleaning appliances but this makes it a great space to hide things out of the way of children. Keep presents wrapped up in carrier bags as this may help to deter family and children.”

Number seven: Under the mattress

“For those items that don’t take up too much space, why not opt for under the mattress as a hiding spot. If your children don’t often venture into your bedroom, then this could be the perfect spot for your gifts.”

Number eight: Boot of a car

“If you’re tight on space or there are no rooms where your children won’t look, trying hiding presents in the boot on the car. Most children won’t venture out here to check, so it could be the perfect place.”

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